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I could say that I'm an SEO but I have pride. I could say that I can't figure out a retail printer but I'm smarter than than that.

This is a company that's been in business for 23 years and has 2 idgets that don't know anything about anything giving bad reviews because they are ***!!! Just saying do your research and *** out the know-nothings! I've dealt with RCE forever and they know their stuff. The SEO guy...

Look him up... Nutcase! The disgruntled printer purchaser... Can't figure out a cup of coffee!

We all know them. Can't fix ***!

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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Please , read on!

Being in the Marketing/SEO industry for over 20 years now I have never in my life encountered such rude and delinquent behavior with RCE Computers Regina. My computer is my lifeline, so it and its content is very important to me.

RCE Computers ReginaI took my computer to this RCE as my computer’s CPU crashed so i thought id replace the whole thing, but not my hard drive as it was still in great shape. This was critical as i have al my client info on this drive and (mindlessly I might add) did not make a back up. I searched high and low for a reputable Regina computer store and came across this computer shop on Google.

I proceeded to call and talked to someone whom said yes bring it down, we can help you. So the next day I drove all the way across the city to their shop on 260 Winnipeg St N. Regina, Sask. I walked in with my computer parts in hand, the clerk recommended a new mother board and processor and I had the the parts needed to build a new machine. I told the clerk that my hard drive was intact and there was over seven years of my client info on it. PLEASE save it or back it up before doing anything, I mentioned this was essential. So being satisfied, I happily gave the man my parts and he said quote “It will be ready Friday” (two days from now).

I left happy as I have been down from work waiting for another CPU chip from Ebay that did not work as well and all my clients are waiting to hear from me.

I waited the two days and called back on Friday around noon and one of the other techs in the back answered the phone As son as I asked him if my computer was ready he snapped back at me “When did you bring it in?” I politely said “two days ago. He snapped back again, “it takes 3 to 5 days for all the parts to come in” I replied, but the other tech told me 2 days because all the parts where there.” He again snapped back, “well he was wrong and its going to be three more days” I asked him if he wanted me to come down to the store so he could talk to me in person like that, he said “yes come on down”

So I again drove all the way across the city to ask the man why he was talking to me like that. I arrived within 15 minutes and asked for the boy the was on the phone with me, he came out and said yes can I help you I said hes I want you to talk to me in the same tone of voice as you did on the phone, he did abide and told me that he didn’t care who I was (I bet he does now) that I was a SEO (search engine optimizer) and ridiculed my profession and proceeded to say he didn’t care about me or my computer, that he was only the tech. He was very rude to me and proceeded to tell me to get out of his store, childishly mimicking me WHAT? after I just spent close to $700? Everyone in the store was sticking up for him and saying there was nothing they could do. I left flabbergasted.

I got a call the next day and they said come pick up my computer that it was ready. I went in and picked it yup and asked if al my info was stil on the Hard drive, the tech said “yes he transferred everything” (the same tech that verbally abused me???) So I got it home and turned it on, first there was no wireless adapter that was in my computer to begin with and that all computers should come with, plus ALL my client’s information was gone! Can you believe it? It was there when my computer went down! Outrageous!

I have just lost over $2700. in the last week because they deleted my clients folder.

I have never been treated so unprofessionally in my entire 25 year career dealing with computers and marketing.


Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $2700.

Preferred solution: Fire the tech that served me.

I didn't like: Warning for rce computers regina.

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I have a very inexpensive work around. I just writ you details, but when I went to my profile to see if the e-mail address was there, and returned to the comment section everything disappeared!

I have use computers since the first apple came out and changed over almost immediately to windows. I am 70 now, retired engineer who used Pcs to automate production lines. I returned about a year ago after a two year hiatus watching tv instead and back into computing.

All my advice is free. Please e-mail me at gonzal13@roadrunner.com

Kyle, Texas, United States #961890

This sounds like your average know-nothing brick and mortar computer repair shop. There are tons of these across the states in every city and town.

Anyone can open one of these places with minimal or incorrect knowledge and they can operate for years by screwing customers out of money that they never needed to spend.

I run my own mobile computer repair service, and I regularly come across customers with similar stories of how they paid large sums of money to not have their issue fixed. And the worst cases are of hardware damage, hardware theft and even software/data theft.

I always hate seeing crooks ruin reputations of honest and hard working techs like myself and the very few others that I know that also do honest work.

RCE Computers - 5250 printer

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I purchased this printer a year ago and can,t believe how slow it is . Its always getting jammed.

The printing is so poor , steaky ,light dark

. I had a cheap epson that was cleare ,faster and trouble free.I had paid about 59.00

I bought this one whenI bought a lap top the salesman told me if he was buying a printer this would be the one, was he gettihg a bonus to get rid of kodak printers ?what can I do with this piece of junk. It is 14 months old and I have an extra year warranty would this be covered as a warranty


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